Exuviance Glycolic Expert Moisturizer

Exuviance Glycolic Expert Moisturizer is an excellent anti-aging product. This moisturizer is a dermatologist developed beauty product created by the originators of the Glycolic Peel. This product can do multiple things for your skin by just using it at least two to three times a week. You can apply it to your face and neck at any time of the day. It’s best to apply after you have thoroughly cleaned your skin. This product is suggested for normal to combination skin.


The key ingredients to this Glycolic Expert Moisturizer are Glycolic Acid, Vitamin E, and Collagen Building Block. It will gently exfoliate your skin while lightly hydrating it. This will help the overall appearance of your skin by leaving it smooth and glowing. Your skin will start to stimulate collagen which will help tighten and firm your skin. It will begin to smooth the appearance of fines lines and wrinkles.


The Glycolic Expert Moisturizer in Made in the USA. It is not tested on animals which is great. Its fragrance, dye, paraben, and oil-free along with non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic. It comes in a 1.7 fl oz bottle with a pump dispenser. The bottle may look small but the product will last at least a couple of months or longer. It’s white and creamy like a lotion but applies lightweight to your skin. It does have a slightly strong scent but diminishes after being applied.

Exuviance Glycolic Expert Moisturizer

I did apply this under my make-up the first time I tried it. My foundation didn’t apply over it so well so I would suggest using this at night. This gives it proper time to soak into your skin and leaving it glowing in the morning. I did experience a few breakouts after several days of use. I feel like it was cleaning my skin thoroughly and getting rid of all the dirt and oil. My breakouts started to clear up in no time and my skin started to feel super clean and soft. With continued use, I felt like my skin was actually getting tighter which helped with the small wrinkles that I had around the corners of my eyes and my frown lines. This is an excellent beauty product to help with anti-aging. Just remember to give it a little time to start working and continue use to see maximum results.


Exuviance Glycolic Expert Moisturizer


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  1. This is the first time I've heard of this brand. It sounds very reliable especially if you continue to use it. I'd love to try this product, thanks for sharing your experience!

  2. I have never heard of this product but I liked how honest you were in the review. There are great tips on how to use it and what to expect!

  3. I have heard and even tried a lot of anti-aging products and most of them actually did nothing, but this one seems legit because of your very sincere review. I will try this one, thanks for sharing!

  4. I've never heard of this product, but it sounds like a great one to try! As someone fast approaching 60, I'm definitely interested in finding and using the best anti-aging products.

  5. I appreciate the statement about not being tested on animals, I've learned my lesson from a different moisturizer before. I was thinking about applying this before sleeping so all in all, your tips and the product itself all look might fine for me!

  6. I've never heard of this product but my interests are always peaked by anti-aging products. My skin is pretty sensitive so hearing you had some breakouts is a little troublesome.

  7. I have been searching for the right product for my skin. I have not heard of this one. Thank you so much for sharing this

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