Easter is one of the most memorable holidays for children. They love the mystery of the Easter Bunny and the excitement of hunting for eggs. Some use plastic eggs and add special treats like small toys, candies, and even money. Kids even enjoy the process of dying real eggs. Easter can be a great time to spend with your kids in many ways. It can even be fun decorating your home for the holiday. Why only spend a week enjoying Easter when you can make a whole month of the holiday?!

Meet The Bunny in the Bush!



Has your child ever questioned you about where the Easter Bunny comes from? Well, The Bunny in the Bush book will help you to explain it easily. This fun book is colorfully illustrated and comes in an adorable box for safe keeping. To make it even more excited for kids, an adorable soft plush bunny is also included.



The Bunny in the Bush book is 8” x 8” x 4” and consists of 73 pages with three chapters. There are lots of illustrations throughout to keep children engaged with the story. Some of the words may be a little advanced for younger children to read themselves but this book is meant to be read by the parent to the child. I really like how the story rhymes throughout the book.



The book allows you to introduce new vocabulary to your children along with teaching them everyday values. I want to point out that this book is not religious in anyway. It starts with a simple story of how the Easter Bunny came about along with how the Bunny Scouts bring gifts the night before Easter. I don’t want to ruin this exciting story so I’ll mention a few of my favorite highlights.



The story begins with a short introduction about animals which are very educational. Then it follows with the Easter Bunny providing batches of eggs, candies, and toys to his loved ones. The Easter Bunny was able to provide an abundant amount to friends, neighbors and their next of kin. The next year the Easter Bunny wanted to share his springtime feasts and spread the love to all little boys and girls across the world.



Next spring, the Easter Bunny realized that he needed some help. He didn’t know where all the children lived nor did he know what he should give them. So the Easter Bunny turned to the Bunny Scouts for some help. This is where the adorable plush bunny comes into play. The Bunny Scouts come out a month before Easter and the fun starts to begin.


This chapter teaches the children how to be kind and polite along with being happy and enjoying life. It shows the child that the Bunny Scout is watching him/her to see how they can spread joy to others with Random Acts of Kindness. To begin this fun family tradition, you simply place the Bunny Scout somewhere where the child can find it. There’s a page in this chapter that allows the child to write down the name that they choose for the Bunny Scout.


The Bunny Scout watches the child during the day, quietly looking to see that they behave. Each night as the child sleeps, the Bunny Scout returns to the forest to report back to the Easter Bunny. You will know that the Bunny Scout reported back because the next day he will no longer be in the same place.


The child will search for the Bunny Scout every day. He will have a small scrap of some sort which is later used to create a Nest the day before Easter. The child will collect these small pieces of scrap to make a cute little bed for the Easter Bunny. This will get the kids to be creative. The book also mentions leaving a few carrots in case the Easter Bunny gets hungry during his deliveries. Leaving a note for the Easter Bunny is another suggestion for the child.
On Easter Sunday, the child will find that the Easter Bunny left behind some special treats like colorful eggs, candies, and toys. After Easter is over, it’s time for the bunnies to go home and get some rest. So pack up The Bunny in the Bush book and the Bunny Scout and save for next year’s Easter tradition!


The Bunny in the Bush box set is fun and exciting for years to come. I love that it’s also educational and it can bring out the creative side in children and even the parents. Now Easter can last longer than just a week or weekend. It’s definitely something that kids will remember and hopefully they will pass down this tradition to their own kids later. For now, the Bunny Scout is only available in blue but I can’t wait to see the upcoming new colors soon.







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86 thoughts on “Make Easter a Fun Family Tradition with The Bunny in the Bush”

  1. It's nice to introduce Easter to the kids with a book like this. I'm sure they'll love it. It's also a nice gift to the children in the family.

  2. Samantha Brown

    I love that there is a bunny to go along with the book! It makes reading so much more fun for children when there is props!

  3. I like that this teaches kids to be polite When my son was 5 he would open doors and hold them for ladies when we went shopping they loved it and thought he was so cute !

  4. the bunny & the book

    I can a little girl name Zadaya in mommies lap holding the bunny and mommie reading and pointing out different things to her….. A LEARNING BOOK

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