Easter in July with Scout

The Bunny in the Bush

Do you remember the Bunny Scout’s?

We thought they were all in hiding until next Easter! 

Somehow one got out but we didn’t find him in the bushes

We spotted him at the Circus!


Easter in July


I guess this little Scout couldn’t wait until Easter! He said he wanted to join in the summer festivities. While he was out and about, he was still doing his Easter duties and making sure all the kids were still behaving just like they were at Easter.

For those of you that haven’t heard about the Bunny Scout’s and The Bunny in the Bush Book & Bunny Set, you’re going to fall in love with it! This box set includes a colorfully illustrated three chapter children’s book along with a plush bunny in an adorable box for safe keeping.

BUT BEWARE – Sometimes the Bunny will escape!


The Bunny In The Bush


The Bunny in the Bush book is a magical Easter story to read to your children explaining how the Easter Bunny came about. This fun and traditional story describes how the Easter Bunny needs help from all the Bunny Scouts to watch over the children and make sure they’ve done their best to be kind and thoughtful to others.

The Bunny Scout comes out a month before Easter so they can watch over the children and report back to the Easter Bunny every night as they sleep. The next morning, the child will find the Bunny Scout in a new location around the house. This way they know that the Bunny Scout has reported back to the Easter Bunny. Children will love searching for their Bunny Scout every morning.


A Scout Was Found at the Circus!


When you find the Bunny Scout, you will find a small scrap of some sort that he has brought back during the night. The child collects all these pieces so he/she can create a comfortable nest for the Easter Bunny the night before he arrives. This allows the child to use their imagination by repurposing common household items.

This story teaches children how to be kind and polite along with being happy and enjoying life. It shows the child that the Bunny Scout is watching him/her to see how they can spread joy to others with Random Acts of Kindness.


A Bunny Scout Was Spotted at the Circus!


“The author felt that each part of this story was critical to the overall development of a meaningful holiday tradition. It was divided into clear chapters so that the story could be read as three separate stories that build upon themselves over the course of multiple settings. The text to image ratio was carefully considered in order to keep children engaged whether reading from beginning to end or by chapters.”


The Bunny in the Bush


The Bunny in the Bush



The Bunny in the Bush - Scout Coloring Page


An Easter Story and Family Tradition


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  1. That is just too cute. I have a friend who does something similar with one of her child’s stuffies and she posts all the pics as they go on travels.

  2. That’s really creative! I’d forget to do my part as a Mom, my Husband would have to remind me. My son would love it.

  3. This is so cute! I haven’t seen it before but now I want to buy it for my nieces and nephews because I bet they would absolutely love it!

  4. This is so cute, just like the elves at Christmas. I always love seeing where parent’s position them in the house x

  5. This bunny is so adorable! It kinda reminds me of the elf on the shelf idea, only bunny goes all over the city. ? Super cute! My kids would love this.

  6. I appreciate the thoughtfulness that the author put into this book. He considered the text to image ratio, which never occurred to me.

  7. I have not heard of this before. So cute. My grandchildren would love this. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless

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