Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking Uhuru Point Tanzania East Africa

If you’re looking for a fun new adventure, think about visiting Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s a beautiful place in Tanzania, East Africa right on the border of Kenya. While there are many things to do there, most visitors go to climb the mountain. Approx. 40,000 people attempt to climb Kilimanjaro every year.

Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking Uhuru Point Africa 1

Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest mountain, rising 19,340 feet above sea level. It’s also the tallest free-standing mountain in the world and one of the biggest volcanoes on Earth. People from all over the world come to Tanzania to climb this mountain hoping to reach their goal of getting to the very top of Uhuru Peak. This is where trekkers will find a large wooden sign letting them know they’ve reached the top.

Trekking Mount Kilimanjaro Uhuru Point Africa

“Despite an age-limit of 10 years for a climbing permit, exceptions are occasionally granted, and Keats Boyd of Los Angeles was only seven years old when he summited Kilimanjaro on 21 January 2008. The oldest person to reach Uhuru Peak was Angela Vorobeva at age 86 years and 267 days. The oldest man to summit the mountain is American Robert Wheeler, who was 85 years and 201 days when he summited on 2 October 2014.”

A panorama of Mount Kilimanjaro. Picture taken in Moshi, Tanzania
A panorama of Mount Kilimanjaro. Picture taken in Moshi, Tanzania



There are six official Kilimanjaro routes. Three routes are Machame, Umbwe, and Marangu which approach from the South. Shira and Lemosho are from the west and Rongai approaches from the North-East. There’s a seventh route option, Northern Circuit, which approaches from the West using the Lemosho start point, but then circles around the north of Kilimanjaro and follows a summit assault passage via Gilman’s Point.

Kilimanjaro Routes

It’s very important in making the right decision on which route you take. Mojhi has a list of pros and cons for each route. They highlight the distance and level of difficulty along with some facts such as what you may encounter along your journey. Each route is unique with different difficulty levels and terrains. Some routes are more challenging and are for experienced climbers while others routes are easier for the less experienced.

Mojhi has 403 adventures for Kilimanjaro. They break it down by difficulty so it’s easier to choose the best adventure for you. Very Easy (116), Easy (66), Moderate (56), Hard (130), Very Hard (35). Depending on your route, it can take between five to nine days to complete. Mount Kilimanjaro is known as a “walk-up” mountain, but don’t underestimate it and its risks. The overall statistics show that less than half of all climbers reach the summit, Urhuhu Peak. The chances of reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro is highly dependent on the number of days taken to trek the mountain. The more days, the higher the probability of success as your body has more time to adapt and acclimatize.



While it’s possible to climb Mount Kilimanjaro all year-round, it’s best to avoid some months for a better experience. Tanzania does not have four seasons like most people are accustomed to. Instead, Tanzania experiences wet and dry seasons.

Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking Uhuru Point Africa

January to mid-March and June to October may be the best months for trekking. These are known as the mountains two dry seasons. January to March will have comfortable weather with warm temperatures and occasional mild showers or snowfalls. June to October is dry but the nights turn out to be particularly cold. It may be cloudy with mild showers but there will be overall good visibility.

Number of climbers on Mount Kilimanjaro Africa


There are two rainy seasons on Mount Kilimanjaro, the long rains and the short rains. The end of March marks the onset of the long rainy season which continues through June. The short rains are from mid-October to late December.

Rain on Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking Uhuru Point Africa




There are around 140 species of mammals on the mountain. This includes Bush Babies, Baboons, Blue Monkeys, Colobus Monkeys, Antelopes, and Bats as well as hundreds of bird species, insects, and spiders. There are also larger mammals that have been recorded above the tree line. Some of these include Tree Hyrax, Grey & Red Duikers, Eland, Bushbuck, Buffalo, and Elephants.

Galago Monkey Bush Baby Mount Kilimanjaro Africa
Galago Monkey, also known as bushbabies, bush babies, or nagapies


Blue Monkey Mount Kilimanjaro Africa
Blue Monkey (C. m. stuhlmanni )


Grey and Red Duiker Mount Kilimanjaro Africa
Grey and Red Duiker Mount Kilimanjaro Africa (


On your journey, you may or may not come across wildlife. Kilimanjaro wildlife is elusive. It’s not like something you may find on a safari. The animals prefer to avoid the areas of the mountain where more than 40,000 people tread every year. You may get lucky, as on rare occasions some of the wildlife do venture up Kilimanjaro. The wildlife you’ll come across will diminish the higher you climb, apart from the dreaded creepy-crawlies that can endure the weather. Eland and African Hunting Dogs are amongst the most exciting creatures that have been spotted a couple of times. A sure way to see some wildlife is to get a birds-eye view of Tanzania by going on a hot air balloon ride. You’ll definitely want to see the view of the annual wildebeest migration!


Wildebeest in Tanzania
Swanepoel at English Wikipedia [CC BY-SA 3.0


Wild African Hunting Dogs Kilimanjaro Africa
African Hunting Dogs (


Eland Mount Kilimanjaro Africa
Eland – the world’s biggest Antelope (


Trekking Mount Kilimanjaro may be a little out of your comfort zone, but it will be an adventure that you’ll never forget. Tanzania proves to be the perfect travel destination for adventure junkies and leisure seekers alike. You must be accompanied by a licensed guide as tourists are not allowed to climb Kilimanjaro on their own. If you’re pretty new to trekking, you can find groups to go with. The easiest way to find trekking groups and companies is to search online places like Mojhi. Whatever your dream vacation may look like, Mojhi can bring it to life! They will excel at planning your next perfect adventurous getaway. At you can answer a few simple questions like how easy you want your route and how big your trekking party is. They’ll find the adventures that are best for you and your party.


On, you can book much more than just Mount Kilimanjaro treks. They have adventures in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Dubai, and much more. The places they can help you book are some of the most well-known adventures. With over 4,000 adventures, you’re sure to find a memorable adventure.


Trekking Mount Kilimanjaro Africa


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  1. Amazing adventure! Africa is really magical! I’ve been in South Africa since 2010, it won’t let me to! I’d love to go to Tanzania, and train to climb the Kilimanjaro; I wish I’ll have enough life to experience all of this!

  2. This would be an experience and a half! I really would love to visit Africa one day – although I don’t know if I’d be so brave as to trek through mount kilimanjaro! You never know though – your story is enticing

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  5. My mom and her best friend took a trip there a few years ago, she said it was life changing and I’d have to admit her photos were incredible… what a great experience/adventure for those who try it out!

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