Derma Rolling Treatments


Derma Rolling is also known as micro-needling or collagen induction therapy. This technique uses a simple yet unique hand-held device which has gained massive popularity over the years. This device is called a derma roller. It has a small roller on the end of the device with hundreds of tiny surgical needles. It works by rolling the needles over the skin which creates tiny punctures into the skin to stimulate skin repair and cell regeneration. This helps your skin to create new collagen. The creation of this new collagen helps to reduce the appearance of acne scars, age spots, cellulite, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles, and also improves overall skin texture.

Using a derma roller is a great way to improve the appearance of your skin without having to undergo expensive and risky cosmetic procedures. Derma Rolling is usually done by a trained professional. However, it can be done in the convenience of your own home. But you must follow a concise set of instructions to avoid any damage to your skin. Using a roller with needles on your skin may sound terrifying, but believe me, it sounds much worse than it really is.


Derma Rolling Treatments



A Derma Roller can be used to treat creases in the skin of the forehead, deep wrinkles, fine wrinkles, skin creases and lines, wrinkles around the mouth, on the neck and jawline, the decollete, on the backs of the hands and more. Derma Rolling allows the skin to reorganize the old collagen all while producing new collagen, elastin, and capillaries. This leads to skin tightening giving an overall youthful appearance. The newly produced collagen acts as fillers for facial lines and wrinkles. The procedure will also reduce pore size. The effects are enhanced when used in combination with a Collagen Cream such as one offered by DermaCell. The vitamins in this cream assists in collagen production. Part of the benefits of using a derma roller is the boost in absorption rates of topical products. Nourishing your skin at this point can reap major benefits. This treatment will keep your skin hydrated leaving it silky soft and glowing.

DermaCell Collagen Cream for Derma Roller



A Derma Roller can be used to remove/reduce cellulite commonly found on arms, buttocks, hips, legs, thighs, and stomach. It helps to thicken the skin. A thicker dermis tends to make it harder for the fat to protrude. The subcutaneous fat that is right beneath the top layers of skin is evened out by the excess collagen and elastin, filling in the empty spaces in between the skin cells. As a result, the skin becomes firmer and the excess collagen and elastin push out the dimples of cellulite, resulting in a smoother appearance. It’s best to use a Cellulite Treatment Cream with a Derma Roller because the cream can penetrate through deeper levels of the skin where the fat deposits lie.

Derma Rolling for Cellulite




Derma Rolling is often sought as a treatment for acne scars due to its ability to deliver smooth skin. It’s quite effective when the scars are shallow and tend to be a little less effective when the scars are very deep or pitted. Be sure to choose the correct size needles based on the severity of your scarring. It’s suggested to use a 1mm derma roller for shallow scars and only roll twice a month. A 1.5mm Derma Roller is good for deeper scars. A minimum of 4 to 6 sessions is required for a significant improvement.

Derma Rolling Treatment for Acne Scars




Derma Rolling is effective in treating appendectomy scars, breast augmentation scars, burn scars, C-section scarring, chicken pox scars, ice pick scars, large pores, pitting of the skin,  surgical scars, tummy tuck scars and more. It is unlikely to completely remove scars. However, it can improve their appearance and may even reduce their size. It may fade out most types of scarring except for keloid scars. Keloid scars are an abnormal growth of scar tissue that spreads beyond the top skin surface. Other scar tissues are made up of abnormal formation of collagen. Derma Rolling has the ability to break up old scar tissues and stimulate collagen and elastin production that is similar to healthy skin. Because scar damage often happens deep in the skin, longer needles like a 1.5mm may be required. If you have very thick skin, a 2mm may be needed. Derma Rolling for scarring should be done no more than once a month.

Derma Rolling Treatment for C-Section Scars




Derma Rolling can improve the appearance of rosacea by thickening the epidermis and stimulating collagen growth, thus minimizing redness. While rosacea is a persistent skin disorder, derma roller treated skin displays significant improvement in skin texture, skin tone, and color. This technique should not be used on nodular and pustular rosacea.

Derma Rolling Treatment for Rosacea




Derma Rolling can greatly reduce the prominence of stretch marks, especially when used in combination with a Vitamin C or Retinol Cream. It can be used to remove stretch marks such as those developed during pregnancy, adolescent growth spurts, rapid muscle growth, rapid muscle growth spurts and weight loss/gain. Stretch Marks are simply scars that sit in the dermis so a 1.5mm to 2mm Derma Roller is needed to be most effective. You may need at least 3 to 12 treatments to see visible results.

Derma Rolling Treatment for Stretch Marks




Hyperpigmentation is triggered by an unusual production of melanin by abnormal melanocyte. Derma Rolling helps to reduce the hyperpigmentation by shedding the top layer of the skin and producing normal melanocyte. 0.5mm to 1mm Derma Rollers are best for treating pigmentation. It’s suggested to treat between one to three times a week. Using a skin lightening cream will greatly increase the chance of the pigmentation to completely fade.

Derma Rolling Treatment for Hyperpigmentation 1



Derma Rolling Treatment for Hyperpigmentation 1




A Derma Roller can effectively prevent and stop hair loss from occurring. It can help with hair restoration and regrowth by both men and women who are experiencing alopecia, balding, bald spots, receding hairlines, and thinning hair. Beneficial effects have been reported both in androgenic alopecia as well as in alopecia areata. Many research studies have proven that using a derma roller can actually regenerate new hair follicles and thicken your hair. It helps to increase the absorption and efficacy of topical hair regrowth treatments like Rogaine. It’s best to use the smallest Derma Rollers, 0.25mm and 0.5mm two to three times per week.

Derma Rolling Treatment for Hair Growth during Alopeica Hair Loss for Men and Women


The National Center of Biotechnology Information (NCBI) says: “Dermarolling has been used for a wide range of indications with many trials supporting evidence for its usefulness. It has been tried alone as well as in combination with other treatment modalities such as chemical peeling, platelet rich plasma, radiofrequency, subcision, punch elevation, and lasers. It is often used in conjunction with a topical formulation, and hence, enhances its penetration and action.”

The Derma Roller System has been featured with highest recommendations on
“The Rachel Ray Show” and “The Doctor’s Show” along with many prominent websites.


Rachel Ray and The Drs Derma Rolling Benefit Videos




Benefits of a Derma Roller System

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  1. I’ve never heard of derma rolling till reading this. I’ll be sure to share with a few people who are dealing with them!

  2. Never heard of derma rolling but I’m interested in it now to see if it will definitely help improving scars and fine lines. I’m going to have to check this out.

  3. Stephanie | You Are My Son Shine

    I would love to do something like this on my scars from my emergency csection and my thyroidectomy, but they are both still super sensitive. The cesarean was 2.5 years ago and still bothers me. The thyroidectomy was only a couple months ago, and I still can’t even wear a tshirt that touches the scar. Maybe in the future once they aren’t so sensitive I can try this.

  4. I’ve heard of this but had no idea what it actually is. Thanks for explaining it so well! It’s definitely intriguing and I could certainly use a little skin improvement!

  5. This is so interesting and new for me. I didn’t know a thing about the Derma roller. The list of things we can achieve with the roller are really amazing. Great post!!

  6. I’ve seen a different kind of derma roll where you put the rolling part in a freezer but I haven’t seen this one before. I might have to try this out for my acne scars.

  7. I bought one of this once and it was good my acne marks improved a little bit, my only problem was that the needles dented rather quickly so try to find a decent brand

  8. My skin needs help in many ways. I have never heard of this before. It sounds great. It is something I would love to give a try. Thank you so much for sharing

  9. You are right! It does sound a little scary & a little too good to be true! This device almost sounds like an acupuncture treatment. I have low platelets. It’s very easy for me to bleed and hard to stop it.
    I pinned this. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Oooh it sounds like it has SO many benefits!! Its always kind of freaked me out but it sounds really beneficial!

  11. I had no idea you can roll out your surgical scars and it may help reduce scarring. It makes sense to bring better blood flow to the area. I admit,l I HAVE done some pilsbury dough boy squishing and all to try to reduce fat cells under the skin after having 6 kids. LOL. Who knew there was a “science” to it. LOL>

  12. I don’t know that I could roll something with needles on my face. I do have one of small stone like rollers that I like

  13. I had no idea about any of this I definitely want to try derma rolling I have acne scars and also just want softer skin and want to try derma rolling on my csection scars I’ve had more than one and would want to try derma rolling on the back of my hands as well I absolutely love Beauty Products And the world of beauty thank you so much for the insight (FB ) Abigail Schuette (Instagram) @abigail.stinson

  14. I have a dermaroller and never knew it could work on my cellulite on my legs! Thanks for letting me know!

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