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Glasstic Personalized Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle

I always have my eyes open for the newest trends and latest inventions. Being health conscious, I’m drinking lots of water and making fruit infused drinks along with shakes. Finding the best drinking container has been a challenge. Glasstic offers a shatterproof container that’s perfect for home and on-the-go. What makes Glasstic bottles so special is the combination of glass and plastic, hence the name Glasstic. The bottles are made of pure glass on the inside and it has a durable protective outer shell. They are BPA-Free, Lead-Free, Cadmium Free, and Toxin-Free. Plus, the glass water bottle insert and BPA-free plastic pieces clean easily in the dishwasher or by hand. Check out this shatterproof video!

“Glasstic® combines the purity of glass with the durability and portability of plastic to create a sleek and highly functional product.”

Glasstic Shatterproof Glass Bottle in Purple


Glasstic’s water bottles come in a variety of colorful tops in six different colors: Lime Green, Hot Pink, Bright Purple, Baby Blue, White, and Black. The bottles come with a leak-proof flip cap and base which are both removable. I love that the cap has a flexible carrying handle which makes it very convenient when on-the-go. The cap also has a wide mouth spout and a lock to keep the lid closed when not in use. The flip caps and basses are BPA-free, Toxin-Free, made with durable food grade #5 Polypropylene (PP), a thermoplastic polymer.


Glasstic Hot Pink and Lime Green Wide Mouth BPA Free Flip Caps


Also available are interchangeable patterned Style Inserts. You can choose from their wide range of selections or simply create your own inserts at home.


Glasstic Style Pattern Inserts


Glasstic Personalized Shatterproof Glass Water Bottles


I love the two personalized inserts that they offer. You can add an image and text to an insert by using Glasstic’s design tool. You can also transform your bottle into a work of art with the two-sided inserts that can be colored with permanent markers. There are currently four designs available: Abstract, Butterflies, Flowers, and Hearts.


Glasstic Bottle Coloring Inserts


Check out how easy it is to change the Style Inserts to create a whole new look!


To make your bottle even more personalized, you can add a design to both sides of the outer shell. Try the easy to use design tool available on their website or use the text logo generator to create awesome text logos or names. At home, you can also use old or new window clings or vinyl stickers to add a custom touch to either the glass or outer shell.


Glasstic Text Logo Generator


Check out the custom printing process!


So why go with a boring drink container when you can have fun with a personalized shatterproof bottle?! Enjoy changing up your bottle every day with a different pattern and different colored caps. Go wild mixing up all the colors! These make amazing gift options for your loved ones too so don’t forget about them when placing your order. Be sure to check out the accessories too. You may want to get the Tea Filter to make that perfect cup of tea and maybe even a Shoulder Strap for easy transport. The Bottle Brush makes for easy cleaning. Glasstic offers a free Lifetime Replacement on parts. All products purchased from them are covered by this Program.


Glasstic Accessories




Glasstic Shatterproof Glass Bottle


Happy November from Glasstic!

All month long, take 20% off any Glasstic bottle with coupon code: NOVEMBER20

Glasstic November Sale Coupon Code


Glasstic Personalized Shatterproof Glass Water Bottles




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Brandi Hayden

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26 thoughts on “Glasstic Personalized Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle”

  1. These bottles are so nice. I love the different inserts for them. I love the bright colors. So nice to take with you on the go. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless

  2. I love that you can personalize these to your needs or have them personalized for family members and give as gifts. The are very cute!

  3. I love that it’s strong and comes completely apart for cleaning!! The ability to personalize them makes it even better!

  4. I always prefer glass containers. However, I’m a bit hesitant to get one to take on the go because of fear of breaking it. I think this product is a great idea. It will make glass less fragile.

  5. This Glasstastic would be perfect for my 6 year old, son. Who always thinks he’s a bigger boy than he is. Thanks for the review.

  6. It’s great they are shatter proof! I have wondered how well they held up. I like the choices they have to know it’s yours or not.

  7. I love the tropical palm trees design. and the ladybug for my 6 year old grand daughters. and the heart doodle for my older grand daughter.

  8. The Glasstic Personalized Water Bottles are awesome. Its great to know they are shatterproof for one thing! I love how you can change the design on your bottle just by changing the bottle inserts.

  9. I love glass bottles it just makes everything taste better. Perhaps it is a blast from the past as I grew up with pop in a glass bottles!

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