STEM Toys and Activities


Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics or STEM toys is the choice of parents for their young children as these kinds of toys are not only fun but can inspire them to be curious about science, math, and technology. Their future hinges on removing any fear or anxiety about so-called complex topics. Fortunately, because it is a digital age, getting children to enjoy STEM toys is not only easier, children are eager to play with these kinds of toys!

Here are five websites that offer exciting STEM toys that you won’t be able to find on Amazon! Be bold! Be different and shop for toys that not every kid on the block will have. Best of all, all these have discount coupons codes that you can find below!


STEM Toys and Activities


Learning Resources

Learning Resources (LR) is a 30-year-old business based in Illinois with offices in England. Their toys are sold in over 80 countries around the world and cover all ages from toddler to middle school. Moreover, the website has a blog that serves as a guide for parents on how to best encourage curiosity and interest in STEM topics using the LR toys. Whether you need learning resources for homeschooling, roadschooling, or even worldschooling, you’ll find the perfect educational toy for your little one.


In a bid to be transparent, there are LR toys on Amazon but they are extremely insufficient and you won’t be able to get the special deals that are being offered on the company website such as this 10% sitewide discount voucher with code CARTTEN.


Fat Brain Toys

You’ll love this colorful and vibrant website that’s the best digital version of a 5- star toy store! Their story begins with a young boy who couldn’t find a better magnetic toy set, so he asked his web developer dad to make one for him. From their garage in Nebraska, a toy business grew to this amazing toy site, 2 retail stores (Omaha and Kansas) and a huge warehouse today.

OffBits Fat Brain Toys

From the original toy, Dado Cubes, this company now has over 7,500 toys for children of all ages all geared towards “A smarter way to play” mission statement.


Kiwi Crate

Kiwi Crate is the mother company of Doodle Crate, Cricket Crate, Kiwi Crate, and Koala Crate which are categorized based on age or from newborn to age 16. These are all subscription boxes that can be ordered once or as a monthly subscription which can run for as many months as you want. As your child grows, you can graduate to the next age subscription box and continue with the home-enhanced STEM education.

KiwiCo STEM Toys and Activities

On your first month subscription, you can avail of a special 30% using the code CAUSE30.


Discount School Supply

Don’t be misled by the name of this website. It’s actually a fun site for toys and school supplies at rock bottom rates and free shipping! They have a special section on STEM curriculum products that include books, toys, and fun activities.

Discount School Supply STEM Toys and Activities

This website has one of the most comprehensive product catalogs on STEM items and other supplies for children. And you can get $10 on your $100 order with code A10SAVE.


Puzzle Master

Puzzles are not always enticing toys for children until you realize that there’s more to puzzles than jigsaws and crosswords. There has been a growing clamor for hand puzzles like the Rubik’s cube which young children are getting into and joining tournaments. Other puzzles are in 3D already which should be great for budding engineers and mathematicians. Visit PuzzleMaster and get free shipping on any order $99 or more with the code FREESHIP18.

Puzzle Master STEM Toys and Activities


Make gift-giving for children the kind of gifts that will give direction, boost intelligence and show children a creative way to appreciate the sciences.

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  1. My oldest 2 kids would love the KIWI CRATE. They love to create and love art, this would be right up their ally! Thank you for sharing!

  2. My daughter is just now getting into more hands on activities. She likes to build and know why things move. We do visit our library and take advantage of their stem programs.

  3. This post is amazing, full of alternative ideas for those of us who horn into Amazon straight away, it’s interesting to see that there are plenty of other options!

  4. I am actually looking for something like this. I want to buy this for my kids. They will learn at the same time they will enjoy playing.

  5. Oh wow! this is great, thanks for the coupons. I guess I have something to include on my list for gifts to give to my niece. This kinds of activities is good for kids that will surely enhance their brain development.

  6. Linda Manns Linneman

    I love getting stem toys for my grandchildren. These toys really help them grow and use their imaginations. Thank you so much for sharing this

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