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Weight loss can sometimes be a slow dreaded process. We even have to amp ourselves up just to start a diet routine. When we don’t see results quickly, we tend to just give up. Setting up a daily meal plan and a weekly or monthly goal will help you keep on track. Motivation is the key to staying on track. So remember to tell yourself that you’re determined and you can do it! Here are some tips to help you be strong to strive for your goal.


1. Getting Started

You don’t need a New Years Resolution to lose weight! It may never seem like it’s the perfect time to start a diet. Just remember that it’s really not a diet. It’s the way you should be eating every day… It’s a Lifestyle! So why not just start that new healthy lifestyle NOW?! YOU are the only person in your way!

Diet Weight Loss Motivational Inspirational Quote


2. Set Goals

Before you get started, sit down and list your goals. Begin by weighing and measuring yourself. Trust me, you will want to measure yourself or you’ll regret it. Just remember that muscle weighs. So just because you haven’t lost any weight or maybe you’ve gained weight, it’s possible that it could be muscles and not fat. I also suggest taking some photos before you start your journey. You’ll definitely want a visual of that weight loss!

Set Goals for Diet Weight Loss


3. Meal Plan

Setting your daily meal plan is super important. You don’t have to write down specific foods if you don’t want to. Although creating a weekly meal plan and making it ahead of time will definitely help to keep you on track. You should figure out what meal plan is best for your body. There’s no one particular plan that fits all. I found that the Medifast Go! plan was super easy for me to stick to. They provide a handy Food Journal which teaches you how often you should be eating. It definitely helped me along my journey as I was able to train myself on what to eat and when to eat.

Medifast Dining Out Guide and Meal Planning for Weight Loss


4. Don’t Starve Yourself

Starving never does the body good. It’s not true that you’ll lose weight if you skip meals. You must keep your metabolism running in order to burn fat. Now that doesn’t mean you should eat greasy fried foods. You should be eating something healthy every two to three hours. The enzymes in your body’s cells break down the food and then turns it into energy. The faster your metabolism runs, the more calories you burn. Therefore the more you burn, the easier it is to drop pounds. So be sure to have some healthy snacks on hand everywhere you go so you won’t be tempted to veer off your plan. One of my favorite things to carry with me when on-the-go is the Medifast S’More Crunch Bar. It helps to curb my sweet cravings.

Medifast Smores Chocolate Crunch Bar Meal Snack


5. Take It Slow

Don’t just dive straight in. Dieting, in fact, is a lifestyle change and that doesn’t just happen overnight. Going way too fast can cause frustration and that leads to falling off the wagon. So you have a better chance of keeping off the weight if you go at it slowly. Don’t be discouraged if it takes longer than you expect to adapt to your new healthy way of living.

Stay Positive Don't Give Up Diet Weight Loss


6. Don’t Derail When Going Out or Traveling

Being away from your own kitchen can cause you to reach for the easiest foods to eat while on the road. Again, be sure to carry some snacks with you when on-the-go. When traveling, do the same thing. Pack some healthy snacks and make a small meal for the road if needed. Carry a cooler and load it with water. If you’re going out to eat dinner, try to research online for the menu if you know your destination. Most places now have a healthy or lite section on their menu.

Medifast Diet Weight Loss Food Journal Travel Cooler


7. Reward Yourself

Everyone needs a little reward every now and then. It’s a great motivation for you to stay on track. Just be sure that your reward is not food related. A good reward is to go shopping for a new piece of clothing. If you haven’t lost the weight that you’d like yet, then reward yourself with a little spa day or maybe going to a movie with a friend. Get yourself a new set of cookware to make your healthy cooking more fun. Put some little rewards in place every once in a while to keep you motivated.

Ways to Motivate for Diet Weight Loss Goals


8. Social Support

Weight loss is not easy, but if you can put these tips into your routine, it will make it a little easier. I’ve been on an amazing journey with Medifast for the past few months. I’ve been able to put all of the above tips into my new healthy lifestyle and I’m proud of the accomplishments that I’ve made so far. Medifast has taught me what type of foods I should be eating and how often. Sharing my weight loss updates with my readers has kept me motivated. So share your goals with others to get support. Being motivated to lose weight is important for long-term weight loss success. With the proper tools and support, you can stay motivated to reach your weight loss goals.

Diet Weight Loss Social Support Goals



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 Medifast Weight Loss Before Photo Pictures


Medifast Weight Loss Before Photo Pictures

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78 thoughts on “8 Simple Dieting Tips for a Successful Weight Loss”

  1. Meal-planning is my shortcoming. Too many times I end up grabbing ‘whatever’ because I ran out of time to make something fresh.

  2. You really achieve wonderful results. I like your tips as well. You need to reward yourself here and the support is everything. It’s nice to have someone who will support you when you are down a bit.

  3. Those are great tips, thanks for sharing and also for number 8, whenever I am going out, I drink a full glass of water also.

  4. Very helpful tips. I need a diet after the vacation dinners. I love to reward myself. Always a motive helps. Thanks alot

  5. I love these tips! I am really good about meal planning and cooking at home. We hardly ever eat out. My current problem is lack of motivation because I like to exercise outside and it’s too cold right now. I do love your comment about your reward not being food-related, because that makes it so easy to turn a cheat meal into a cheat day into a cheat week and then you are done for!

  6. The best advice here is to definitely take it slow. A lot of fitness goals fail because people jump right into the lifestyle and end up giving up. These are all very awesome tips that will help anyone lost that weight!

  7. Great tips! I completely agree that many people set unrealistic goals and then have a really hard time sticking to the plan until they eventually give up. Progress, not perfection!

  8. Great tips! We often meal plan in my house and it’s great because it’s less stressful. Travelling is definitely my downfall – need to pack snacks to take and find healthy places to go for food.

  9. brandidcrawfordgmailcom

    A meal plan and don’t starve yourself really stick out to me! A lot of people think dieting means starving yourself. Your body needs fuel.

  10. My failures come in when prepping meals for the whole week. Food is often forgotten so everyone eats whatever they want, which derails me emotionally and I stop making special meals.

  11. I really need to work on this! I recently had a baby, and while I was able to lose a lot of weight quickly those last 10 lbs are still hanging on!

  12. I liked your ideas. I do good for awhile and then I just seem to give up because I think the results aren’t happening fast enough. It is always good to do this with a friend to help and encourage each other.

  13. Good Tips. I completely agree about starving yourself.. first off it doesnt work and second your body will slow down because it thinks it is starving and it is. You look fantastic, keep up the good work.

  14. elizabeth miller

    The meal plan is a big help. Back in January , we went through every cookbook we own, copied recipes that looked good and put them in a binder. Each week, I pull 7 recipes and buy what I need, Not only has it helped us loose weight and eat better because dinners are known, not figure out day to day and end up throwing whatever together, but, it has also decreased my stress level in having to figure out dinners.

  15. Those are very good tips and I will start to do them. i love to sleep, walk, and sleep. 3 of my favorite things to do.

  16. Ashley Chassereau Parks

    These are great tips!! Just getting started is the hardest part, but its so worth it! I need to remember to take it slow when trying to lose weight… I tend to become discouraged if I don’t lose right away.

  17. Great tips! Also, congrats on your weight loss! Thanks for sharing your experience. I am a fitness instructor, and I LOVE to eat, because I am so active. I don’t count calories, but try to be smart about what I am eating. I totally reward myself… usually every day!

  18. These are really good tips, I think I tend to give up when the weight doesn’t just come off. That time when you need to really kick in with the exercises. You really did a great job, I’m still plugging but recently I have had a bit of a change and losing more. Thanks for your tips.

  19. Ever since I’ve had kids, I have had to diet! I have gone up and down, sideways, every which way, but stay at a healthy weight! And now I’ve got a lot of health problems. One being a Diabetic! My doctors tell me dieting should not even be a consideration. That I have too many other things going on. That doesn’t make me feel better and I want to feel healthier!! These are great tips! Your going SLOW is my favorite tip! I didn’t get this way over night and I’m not going to get thin overnight! You look great!! Thank you for sharing!

  20. Ive just started to struggle with the dreaded extra 10 pounds. I seem to go overboard when we go out, expecially to a buffet!

  21. I really need to be better about meal planning and not starving myself during the day and gorging at night.

  22. Gloria Walshver

    It’s so difficult to diet when you become older and the pounds don’t go off as fast as when you were younger, your tips were greatly appreciated.

  23. These are great tips! I absolutely think that meal planning and rewarding yourself are so necessary to be successful!

  24. Ashley Chassereau Parks

    These are great tips!! I have a bad habit of not eating enough when I’m trying to lose weight and it definitely back fires! I’ve got to do a lot more meal planning and get back to eating healthier after this baby comes. Its important for me and for him while he nurses. ?

  25. Great tips! I keep junk food out of the house and have a lot of fruits and vegetables cut up in the fridge for snacking.

  26. You look great. I think it is important to set small goals leading up to the overall goal. I definitely agree with not starving yourself because that is not healthy. I have found that eating smaller and more frequent meals is better for me than eating 2-3 larger meals a day.

  27. Thanks! I recently gained a lot of weight after a breakup and I’d love to take these pounsd off and feel more like myself again.

  28. Great tips. I always make the mistake of staving myself and put the weigh back on. I have started dance aerobic classes that is helping

  29. These are some great tips. About 2 years ago, I lost 80 pounds in a little under a year. I did a high protein diet, no sugar (I did eat spagetti sauce, which has sugar in it but that was it.) Low Low carb. I did a protein shake in the morning and a nice healthy dinner mostly fish and a small amount of rice and then a veggie, broccoli, carrots, something like that. It worked really well. Thank you for the tips, I am trying to lose again and just can not get motivated. Thanks for sharing!

  30. My wife has been trying to loose a few pounds! These tips are really helpful! I let her read them and she thought about trying them.

  31. Meal planning is probably the single most important thing you can do to stick to a diet plan! I set myself up for failure every single time I go to the grocery store without a plan.

  32. I make sure to drink tons of water when I think I’m hungry, a lot of the time it turns out I was only thirsty.

  33. These are great and very helpful tips! I definitely need to follow this while dieting and sticking with it.

  34. Great tips! I have to remember when I am on a diet to take it slow, when going all in and really hard, I tend to gain that weight back and then some.

  35. (8 SIMPLE DIETING TIPS FOR A SUCCESSFUL WEIGHT LOSS) I am going to take this great advice and get started on my weight loss program. The first thing that I am going to do is give up sugar completely.

  36. Amanda Whitley

    you look great, congrats on the success! I love all these good points. I have been trying for years with no success but am going to keep this in mind

  37. Linda Manns Linneman

    I really need to lose about 25 pounds. This article has really helped me alot to get a handle on this. Thank you so much for sharing

  38. I always start off good but die out after a few weeks. Writing them down though seems to be a curse on me because then they seem like part of my to do list lol.

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