10 Ways to Keep Kids Active this Summer

When we think of summer we often think of kids riding their bikes, swimming, and playing outdoors. The reality these days is that kids are inside for much of the day instead. Keeping kids active during the summer isn’t hard, but it does take some dedication. It can be easy to let them sleep in after late night video game marathons or snuggle on the couch watching television. I’m sharing ten tips for keeping kids off the couch and active indoors and out.


Daily routine schedule for kids

Start a Routine

Don’t worry, your family’s summer routine doesn’t have to be the same as the school year routine. Early mornings aren’t necessary and obviously, homework hour can be ditched for the summer. A routine keeps kids bodies and minds on track for bedtime, wake up, and gives them energy throughout the day.


Eat a healthy fruit pancake breakfast for kids during summer

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Waking up and diving into a sugary bowl of cereal is likely to lead to a crash in energy soon after. Make a healthy breakfast each morning or have nutritious foods available like fruit or oatmeal for kids to prepare breakfast themselves.


Schedule tv time to Keep Kids Active this Summer

Schedule Screen Time

Instead of letting kids watch cartoons until late morning, schedule screen time for later in the day. If kids complain about missing their favorite morning cartoons, let them know you can dvr them for later. It’s likely that kids will opt to use their screen time to watch something else so that excuse won’t work for long!


After dinner walking in the trails to Keep Kids Active this Summer

Ditch Screen Time

It may seem impossible for your family to ditch daytime screen time altogether but taking it slow can make it easier for your kids and you! Instead of watching television, schedule an after dinner walk as a family. You’ll have time to talk without the distraction of electronic gadgets.


kids riding bikes to stay active during summer

Send Kids Outdoors

Sometimes kids won’t head outside if they’re not told to go out and play. If you leave it up to them they’ll extend their lazy morning into a lazy afternoon. Tell them to go outside and build a fort, ride a bike, play hopscotch, basketball, or any other physical activity.


send kids to summer camps to keep them active

Sign Up for Camp

If your budget permits, summer camp can be a good way to get kids active and outdoors. Summer camps focus on a variety of activities so there’s sure to be a camp your child can enjoy. They’ll also enjoy meeting new friends and learning new skills.


setup family time in nature each week during the summer to keep kids active

Get Into Nature

Make a pledge to spend a specific time in nature each week. Plan family hikes, trips to the beach, bike rides, or just a day at the park. You’ll have fun memories to look back on as a family and get some exercise in the process.


keep refillable water bottles in fridge for the family

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Nothing sucks the energy out of a person like dehydration. Keep refillable water bottles for each member of the family in the refrigerator for a cool drink after outdoor play.


Use apps to keep kids active during summer

Use Apps to Get Active

Learn yoga, run a virtual marathon, and everything in between through apps on a smartphone or tablet. Whether you’re interested in family fitness, DIY, or survival skills, you’ll find plenty to keep kids active and engaged.


get kids the recommended amount of hours of sleep per night

Get Enough Sleep

It can be easy to let kids stay up later during the summer months but that leaves them tired in the morning. Just like adults, kids who feel sluggish and drowsy aren’t likely to participate in an high energy activity. Make a point to get kids the recommended amount of hours of sleep per night so they have energy in the morning.


10 Ways to Keep Kids Active this Summer

Getting kids active during the summer is easy if you make it fun! Adding family time to a balanced routine leaves kids with enough energy to stay active throughout the day.


10 Ways to Keep Kids Active this Summer

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25 thoughts on “10 Ways to Keep Kids Active this Summer”

  1. That pancake face is so, so cute! If I had food like that, I would be more likely to eat breakfast every day, too 😛

  2. My kids go to a day camp and it really is amazing all the things they accomplish during the day. From water sports, to rock climbing I know they are getting so much more play in than I would provide at home.

  3. I think getting the kids active and outdoors is so important! If my nephew had his way, he’d spend the whole summer in front of the TV.

  4. I love all of these ideas! My boys are young, so they don’t sleep in still, but have crazy amounts of energy. We have always limited their screen time and try to get them doing more creative things such as Legos and train tracks. Unfortunately, if we aren’t playing in the water, it’s almost 100F here, so outside isn’t much of an option most of the day.

  5. My kids have a list of things that they have to do before they can have screen time. I have found they get distracted that way and forget about it.

  6. Outdoor activities and a regular daily routine will keep kids active! We live by the beach so I remember my summers spending hours and hours playing by the sea.

  7. I love the get out in nature tip! We love going to the beach and taking hikes! Summer is only so long and then we are stuck inside in winter. 🙁

  8. I hate summers in AZ, because it’s too hot to just “send them outside.” I feel like I spend so much $$$ keeping them entertained and limiting screen time during the summer.

  9. This is one of the most refreshing posts I have read off late and I am so happy I came across here. In today’s age and time, when many kids spend a lot of their time on screens, this is a good reminder with great ideas to have active summer for kids and this in turn, also make active days for yourself. Reminded me of my childhood days. Though I must admit for me, routine was a weak point then, and is a weak point now 🙁

  10. I like your idea of ditching the screen time, and having the kids get more outdoor activities like camping and nature trip. I’ll keep this for future reference when my baby is a bit grown up too. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Monidipa Dutta

    Well as I always say may be I love reading about kids and stuff but hardly I do understand it but as my elder sis had her child recently I shall bookmark it forward it to her.

  12. Jennifer Prince

    These are great tips! They really do need to be entertained in the summer, and these afford some fun opportunities to make memories.

  13. Ashley Chassereau Parks

    These are great tips! I am able to keep my girls on a better schedule during the summer than the school year because we don’t have as much to fit in or catch up on. My kids have really enjoyed going to camps and being outside a lot this summer! Its so hot, so keeping hydrated is super important!

  14. These are good ideas! Unfortunately, summer is kind of over for us. The kids go back to school tomorrow. But the suggestions to play outside is good for year-round fun!

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